The curse has been lifted! We can finally stop saying “Netflix’s as-of-yet untitled Sabrina show! Announced in a tweet by showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the show based on Archie Comics’ Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is officially titled Chilling Adventures of Sabrina! Which, uh, seems like it should have been called that all along.

Am I crazy? (Rhetorical question) Couldn’t this have been part of the initial announcement? The show is run by the guy who created the comics, so I can’t imagine there would have been legal hoops to jump through to get the right title. On the other hand, I have absolutely no insight into how these things go, so for all I know that’s exactly what happened.




No matter, though, because either way I’m glad that the show shares the title of the comic books! The comics are so, so good, and sharing the title makes me think that the show will be similar to the source material. If you’re not caught up on the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comics- Girl.. Catch up! There are currently only eight issues of it, and the first five are available in a collected edition graphic novel. The Archie Comics online shop usually has discounts and coupon codes, and you can’t always count on your local comic book shop to carry Archie titles. I asked the guy at my local store if they had Jughead: The Hunger and he said that Archie Comics are for old people, so they don’t carry them. I guess he hasn’t heard of the hit CW teen soap opera Riverdale.

For more information on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, check out a billion other articles on this site, including this one announcing the series’ move from the CW to Netflix, a peek at some concept art, the announcement of Kiernan Shipka as the lead, some words about cats, a conspiracy theory, and some articles I didn’t write, click through all of those links! For more information about Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, listen to the howling sounds in the night. Don’t worry, it’s just me being super stoked for this show.


Proof of Salem’s white fur.