The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is only a few weeks away from premiering on Netflix, and we are appropriately through the roof. The weird & witchy teen drama has had devoted fans since the comic series of the same name was first published in 2016, and we here at NOFS have been PSYCHED since it was announced. With the premiere so tantalizingly close, every piece of news is an exciting one. That’s why, at New York  ComicCon today, we  listened to the cast and creator talk about the series. What they talked about was a show full of magic, betrayal, and a whole lot of love.

The SYFY Live panel for the Chilling Adventures started with creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. Specifically, Aguirre-Sarcasa talked about the differences in the series from the comic. He said that the show would be more optimistic, a little bit more fun. But what Aguirre-Sacasa specifically stuck to was the fact that Sabrina is full of young love. From there, the cast expanded on that idea. When asked to describe the season in one word, the cast responded that it was “spicy.” Apparently, it even gets a little steamy.


There’s an orgy in one episode,” said actor Ross Lynch, who plays Harvey Kinkle. “A witch orgy.” Lynch was clear about his character’s role, though. “I wasn’t invited,” he joked.

Now, if you’re concerned that Sabrina won’t be as, well, chilling as you hoped, don’t worry. Sabrina will still be just as frightening and dark as you expect. “Episodes 8, 9, and 10 are so emotionally charged. They just suck you in,” says Sabrina actress Kiernan Shipka, indicating that there’s an intense, dark road ahead for her character. “By no means does the finale give you what you want as far as answers go,” she teased. With a quote like that, we can guarantee a show full of depravity, deception, and even (we can guess) death.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premiers on Netflix this October 26th. When it does, make sure to check our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The NOFS community will have thoughts, for sure. For more coverage of all the horror at NYCC, keep lurking at Nightmare on Film Street.


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