Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones) has been tapped to play the lead in the upcoming The Crow reboot; The Crow Reborn. After having just wrapped production as the titular character in Aquaman (Directed by James Wan of Insidious and The Conjuring), Mamoa has finished his work for the film and can being preparations for his next role. His next adventure into another comic property that has long been in development hell; Both Momoa and director Corin Hardy (The Nun) will start pre-production of The Crow Reborn.

The Crow is a popular graphic novel from creator and artist James O’Barr. The plot followed Eric Draven, a rockstar, who is murdered along with his fiancee before their wedding night. Through the mystical powers of the crow Eric is brought back from the dead to set things right. He set out seeking vengeance on the criminal group that were responsible for the murder and his fiancee.


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The graphic novel would later be adapted into a live action film of the same name starring the late Brandon Lee. The Crow took liberties to change certain elements of the story for the big screen. It spawned a number of sequels that were hit or miss with audiences. From there the franchise took a long hiatus after the last film, The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005).

For the last decade, word has circulated in Hollywood that The Crow would be the next comic franchise to receive a reboot. The film has since then been in development hell with numerous studio changes, director changes, and casting changes for main character Eric Draven. Bradley Cooper once attached to the role is now replaced with Jason Momoa to lead.

With James O’Barr being actively involved in the reboot, The Crow Reborn hopes to stay more true to the graphic novel. Davis Films, Highland Film Group and Electric Shadow have since then acquired the rights to the film and are now producing.

Fans appear to not be the only ones excited to see new life for the franchise. Both Jason Momoa and Corin Hardy celebrated their excitement for The Crow Reborn by taking to social media:

The Crow Reborn aims to begin production in Early 2018.