Wanna stay a night at Camp Crystal Lake? Are you crazy? It has a death curse! If you don’t heed the warnings of unhinged locals, you can try and stay overnight at the shooting location for the original Friday the 13th film! Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, the real-world counterpart of Camp Crystal Lake (at least in Part One), stays closed to the public almost all the time. It is, after all these years, still active as a Boy Scout camp, and as such is private property. Tours of the facilities are rare, but known to happen. Most of these tours occur on Friday the 13ths, during the off-season.

This upcoming Friday the 13th (April 13th), is going to be special. A select few lucky fans will be able to ride out Friday the 13th overnight at Camp Blood! The “VIP Experience” includes dinner on the 13th, a night in one of the cabins, breakfast on Saturday the 14th, and a few more secretive activities. Tickets for the VIP Experience will only be available through an auction. Since these are in limited quantities, it’s a safe assumption that they’ll be extremely expensive. But, you never know until you try!


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In addition to the VIP Experience, the camp will run three tours for Voorhees family friends, with tickets starting at $135 and running up to $175. In the past, tickets for tours came and went (sometimes in only a matter of minutes) on a first-come, first-served basis. This time around, the camp will be selecting tour guests with a lottery, adding a level of luck to this most-unlucky of days.

In addition to the chance to stay in one of the cabins and the lottery system, this weekend will be notable for the addition of a special guest, Adrienne King! King played final girl Alice in the original Friday the 13th, and made a brief appearance in Friday the 13th Part 2. Spend a night at Camp Crystal Lake with the star of Friday the 13th?! The only way this could get better is if Kevin Bacon showed up!

For more information about Crystal Lake Tours, check out their website and for more horror news, keep it locked here.