How do you return to your regular, everyday life after the world has been brought back from a Zombie apocalypse? In David Freyne’s The Curedwe explore a world that has not only experience a zombie uprising, but has found a cure. The “Undead” have been cured and are in the initial stages of reintegrating themselves back into society. Surely it’s no easy feat to go from eating your friends and family for dinner, only to stroll back into the office a few weeks later. We, as a people, are no strangers to mental illness and P.T.S.D. but nothing could prepare you for the nightmare our main characters have lived through.

Written and Directed by David Freyne, The Cured stars Ellen Page (Hard Candy, Flatliners) who also holds a producing credit on the film. Rounding out the cast are Sam Keeley, and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor. The film had its world premiere last year at the Toronto Film Festival as part of TIFF’s Special Presentations ProgrammeThe Cured drops on VOD platforms February 23, 2018.


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Our very own Joe Lipsett describes the film in his review for Bloody Disgusting:

[The Cured] takes place in Dublin, four years after an outbreak of the MAZE virus turned whole swarms of the population into mindless attackers. 75% of infected people have been Cured, including protagonist Senan (Sam Keeley) who is being released back into society (the other 25% are Cure-resistant and are kept under military guard perilously close to the city). The central conceit of The Cured is that Senan and the other Cured survivors retain the memories of what they did during the infection, which means they must deal with the shame and the nightmares. That’s all before the external threats: despite being given a clean bill of health by the government, the Cured must contend with fear, distrust, and isolation from those who were never infected and aren’t afraid to voice their displeasure.

David Freyne is an Irish director who received his MA in film from University College Dublin. He co-founded Tilted Pictures in 2008. His short films include The Mill (2009), Passing (2010), The Tree (2012), and The First Wave (2014) which served as a pilot for his first feature, The Cured. The film is produced by Rachael O’Kane Rory Dungan, and Ellen Page.

The Cured drops on VOD platforms February 23, 2018.
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