Have you given your soul to the dance? Dakota Johnson sure has, especially when playing Suspiria’s Susie Bannion. In a recent interview with Collider, Johnson talked about her experience with the film and, most importantly, that ending. Warning: spoilers ahead.

This wasn’t Johnson’s first time working with Tilda Swinton or director Luca Guadagnino. She worked with them both on the film, A Bigger Splash, which has a much different tone than Suspiria. For this role, Johnson was able to act with three version of Swinton: as Madame Blanc, as Dr. Josef Klemperer, and as Helena Markos. Johnson said, “To see her in all the forms … I mean, it was just fun. It was so much fun and it creates a completely different dynamic between us.”

So what about Susie becoming a Mother? Suspiria’s ending leaves a lot up to interpretation, from Susie’s hole in her chest to a latex-covered Tilda Swinton. Much of this film leans into a theme of inevitability, which Johnson talks about in her interview. From showing Susie’s Mennonite background to her attraction (meant in more ways than one) to Madame Blanc, it seems that she was always meant to be a Mother.

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Specifically, Johnson said:

So there’s all these kind of like hints that Susie’s different but she doesn’t know. She just feels this pull, this magnet, this thing, to dance and she has to go to Berlin. She has to be with Madame Blanc. It’s like just she was born in the wrong place. I think that’s how she makes sense of it, like, ‘I just don’t belong here.’ Then I believe once she understands what is happening there is a very very subtle moment where I think she realizes what she’s meant to do. I want the audience to figure out when that is.

Susie’s transformation also leaves room for potential sequels. Argento’s 1977 film didn’t dive quite so deeply into the mythos of this coven, so perhaps Guadagnino wishes to go even further. There are talks about sequels, after all.

Suspiria is playing in theatres nationwide. Did you like Guadagnino’s adaptation? Which moment do you think Johnson is talking about? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and in the Horror Fiends of Nightmare on Film Street Facebook group!


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