Halloween Reboot to be Set in an Alternate Reality that Changes EVERYTHING.

John Carpenter’s Halloween has a special place in the heart of every horror fan. So it stands to reason that any change to the story or formula is some sort of sacrilege, maybe not. Danny McBride’s new vision for Halloween plans on fixing a major issue with the plot that many fans have been torn over. What are the motives of Michael Myers? If you ask the turbulent franchise, the answer is either his family tree, the cult of thorn, or Rob Zombie’s impulsive need to shower the audience with profanities and gore.

John Carpenter said, earlier this month, that the new reboot/sequel would ignore all of the franchise installments past the first one, and take place in a sort of alternate universe. Danny McBride stated recently that the film would indeed pick up after the first film directly. In an interview with Yahoo, he stated:


We’re kind of ignoring all the films past the first one. It picks up after the first one, but it’s sort of an alternate reality. It’s as if the first Halloween ended in a slightly different way.

Upon hearing this news, many fans were upset that it would ignore the events of the second movie and Halloween H20. A great majority of the film’s fan-base are still wondering what the films final product will end up being.

The Retcon of John Carpenter’s Halloween

If you think about it, while focusing on the events and rules of the first movie, the entire formula of the franchise is subsequently changed. Michael Myers is no longer Laurie Strode’s brother, as revealed in Halloween 2. This leaving creative options for motive and character development wide open. Do not expect to see the Laurie Strode that was saw in Halloween H20. Because that character was built on the emotional trauma of almost being killed by her psycho brother. Some may argue that this takes away a lot of the suspense dynamic of the movies as a whole. I would argue that most of the suspense dynamic of the series is created by Donald Pleasence’s character, Dr. Sam Loomis. He is the great voice of terror that informs the characters and the audience of the terror that is coming.

Is this change a good idea? Could this be the follow up that John Carpenter’s Halloween deserves? We will have to wait and see as more information becomes available. Sources are still very hush hush about this project that is speculated to start principle photography in early to mid 2018. The film is set for release October 16, 2018.

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