Introducing 360 Degrees of Terror in Dark Corner Studios New VR App!

I think we could all agree that the only Virtual Reality worth a damn are the VR experiences that terrify you. Sure, we’re on the cusp of seeing VR integrated into more dramatic, long-form narrative but right now we are in the heyday of hyper-realistic jump scares. A huge standout in this space is Dark Corner Studios. We had a chance to sit down with one of their most recent experiences, Mule (2017) at The Overlook Film Festival, earlier this year. Typically equipped with only a google cardboard, it was a great treat to finally use a proper VR set, but the Mule experience began well before we pressed play on 6 minutes of terror. Seated inside the mobile coffin Dark Corner brings out to set the mood, viewers are asked one question as they’re fitted with the headset: Would you like to be buried, or cremated?


Mule carries viewers through several macabre scenes as a (former) drug mule overdoses, is pronounced dead, and…disposed of. Unable to stop myself from singing it’s praises throughout the Festival, I found I was one of the small few to choose cremation. I told myself that the burial scene in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill Vol. 2 was as realistic as I needed, but I think in the moment I wanted the most unsettling, mind-melting ending they had to offer. I wanted to experience something that made my jaw drop and oh boy, Dark Corner delivered.

The availability and sheer amount of content has increased dramatically in recent years, bringing VR directly into your own home. Set-ups can still run the average enthusiast upwards of $800 but there are many economical options available. That said, content is as accessible as ever through common providers like Youtube. Dark Corner recently announced that their catalog would be made available through the Dark Corner app. Currently available on iOS, Android, Oculus Rift, Samsung VR, and Daydream, the app boasts full access to their previous projects and trailers for upcoming videos. Scheduled for release just before Halloween of this year is Night Night– a terrifying glimpse at the creepy clown lurking inside a little boys closet.

Currently available on the Dark Corner App:

burlap vr

Burlap (2016)

Step inside the lair of a lonely and disturbed killer as he comes closer than ever to completing his masterpiece.

Directed by: Justin Denton
Run Time: 3 Minutes

catatonic vr

Catatonic (2015)

This pioneering horror experience places you in the POV of a new patient as you are welcomed into a sinister psychiatric hospital…

Directed by: Guy Shelmerdine
Run Time: 5 Minutes

Night Night (2017)

It’s time to drift off to dreamland…but first your mom is going to read you a short bedtime story. Take a journey into your childhood nightmares with Dark Corner’s newest sense-stunning immersive experience.

Directed By: Guy Shelmerdine
Run Time: 7 Minutes
Release Date: October 19, 2017

mule vr

Mule (2016)

A thrilling journey through the final moments of a man’s life. Do you want to be buried or cremated?

Directed by: Guy Shelmerdine
Run Time: 6 Minutes


Jonathan is Co-Host and Co-Creator of Nightmare on Film Street. He's also a coffee grinding, craft beer drinking, bearded lady in disguise. His favorite horror movies are Evil Dead 2, The Thing, & Videodrome.