Dark Shadows is coming back. No, not the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp… interpretation… but a revitalized, television return to the gothic soap opera. According to Deadline, who broke the story yesterday, the series will be titled Dark Shadows: Reincarnation, and will air in the CW.

Dark Shadows, for those of you who are on our site but SOMEHOW don’t know this, follows the story of the wealthy Collins family, a powerful dynasty with a dark secret. The Collins have faced supernatural trials across the horror spectrum since the show’s debut in 1966, and by all accounts, the new series plans to continue their story. Deadline reports that the series will “harken back” to the old show, while updating it for a modern audience. Also according to the article, CW familiar Mark B. Perry will craft the pilot of the series and the. continue to produce the first season. There’s no word yet on the estimated arrival of the spooky soap, but as soon as more info comes out, we’ll let you know.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and speculate as to what the specifics of Dark Shadow: Reincarnation will be. We can gather by the title that at least one of the main characters will be returning in a different form to the modern era, and if we had to place our bets on who, we’d probably say fan favorite Barnabas Collins. It’s possible that CW will want a younger, hotter Barnabas, though that’s assuming someone could find this man anything but sexy.


What do you think of a return to the Collins Estate? Will the show really reflect its gothic roots, or will it fall more in line with modern supernatural dramas like True Blood and Being Human? Tell us your thoughts by visiting our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. And as always, for all your horror movie news, reviews, and interviews, keep lurking at Nightmare on Film Street.


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