Following a limited theatrical release earlier this month, The Terrifier is now available on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Vudu and VOD, via Dread Central Presents.  This coincides with its Blu-ray release of March 27th, 2018.

The Terrifier is an expansion of Damien Leone’s short film of the same name found in the anthology All Hallows’ Eve.  The film follows Art the Clown, a sadistic killer, and his victims on Halloween night.  A thrilling and bloody entry into the genre, The Terrifier is sure to satiate fans. Having premiered at the Telluride Horror Show in 2016, it has been making waves across the horror community since.  For anyone who loves a killer clown, this is a must see.


Dread Central Presents is the horror film arm of Epic Pictures.  They aim to handpick projects they see special potential in and promote them to reach the horror community on a larger scale.  The label came about after Epic Pictures acquired Dread Central Media last year.  Wanting to create a branch dedicated solely to the horror genre, Dread Central Presents was born.  Focusing on a dozen or so films each year, they will distribute genre films on limited release, DVD, and video on demand.

Art the Clown has gained somewhat of a cult following over the recent years.  This is where Dread Central Presents truly shines. They find lesser known gems and provide the distribution channels needed to reach the more mainstream horror audience.  With their plans for distribution, Dread Central Presents looks to have something for everyone. As Robert Galluzzo, Director of Distribution for Dread Central Presents said in a conversation with DeadlineMy favorite thing to do is discover a horror gem and then share it with all my friends. We’re doing that on a much bigger scale now, and that’s exciting.”  This is exactly what they have done with The Terrifier, so get out there and check it out on VOD today.


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