Dead By Daylight is known for hosting special events through certain times of the year (like their Scorching Summer BBQ event they did towards the end of the summer) and thankfully they did not break tradition this Halloween!

Starting October 19th to November 2nd Dead By Daylight will be running an event called The Hallowed Blight. For those of you whom haven’t heard of Dead By Daylight it’s an asymmetrical horror game pitting four survivors against one killer–with a goal of completing five generators and escaping before Michael Meyers stalks and “moris” you for the 50th time.


The Hallowed Blight brings former Halloween-themed items, while integrating new and exciting challenges to the gameplay. While it’s still imperative to repair five generators, survivors are also tasked with harvesting nectar from Visceral Cankers. Filling up a syringe with the nectar will give you a vial of Putrid Serum, which is used as currency to unlock special outfits and weapons (the latter is for the killer). Killers are not able to extract nectar, which means they have to hook survivors on Cankerous Hooks in order to get nectar. The goal is to collect/harvest 30 vials of Putrid Serum in order to unlock a complete set of skins for your character. Unfortunately you can only unlock one customization for your character, the rest you have to pay for.

On every map two Visceral Cankers and two Cankerous Hooks will spawn, though if you burn the offering Pustula Petals one more of each will spawn. Just like in Scorching Summer BBQ if you burn the offering and someone else extracts the nectar (completely) you get 12,000 bloodpoints! The Hallowed Blight also brought back the All Hallows’ Eve Lunchbox, which considerably increases healing speed, though it makes you more visible to the killer, and the Will O’ Wisp, which is a flashlight add-on whose function adds a ghost image to your flashlight.

Adding to the wonderful add-ons and challenges, this event is full of some wonderful lore from Benedict Baker’s Journal:

19 October – The Night

It is impossible to describe the horrifying scenes I have witnessed… death and misery, in every shape of terror, rule this place. I can no longer recall how I have come to this place. All I remember is the opaque, milky fumes of opium in the murky den hazing a sweet, welcoming abyss. I awoke to dreadful screams in this endless night, at the feet an old tree that leaked foul-smelling fluids. I know not how to reach those poor souls, nor do I want to. Keeping a record is all I can do to make sense of it.

20 October – Vigo

I discovered a hidden laboratory while running away from a monster. Its stocks are uncommonly plentiful. I observed shelves of alkaloids, crates of silver syringes, piles of protective clothes and a journal signed “Vigo”. Its pages are filled with notes on an ancient force that controls the nature of this place—that shapes it. I also noted a few drawings of the growing cankers I’ve seen on trees.

21 October – The Blight

I have been obsessively deciphering Vigo’s Journal. His work is elegant but erratic, drawing obscure conclusions from disjointed fields. Most entries mention a powerful force, The Entity, which undergoes a purge that occurs once a year. During this period, The Entity is infested with blight. According to Vigo, cankers bloom into “Pustulas”, a type of flower that spurts putrid nectar—the thick fluid I saw oozing from the trees. The last pages of the journal mention a serum distilled from the nectar, but the pages detailing its effects and preparation were torn out.

22 October – Wounded

I’m hiding in a dense strip of forest. I’m desperate to erase the distressful images engraved in my mind. Last night, a disfigured man barged into the laboratory with a gruesome, mechanical mouth and shred the walls into splinters. I barely escaped with my life—and wounded my arm in the process. I have no options left; these monsters find me no matter where I go. All I have is a journal filled with obscure promises of escape. I will return to the laboratory.

23 October – Experiment

I’m close to death, I can feel it. When I returned to the laboratory, I started experimenting with the putrid nectar and distilled it into a foul serum. But I made a terrible mistake. I injected the serum into a dead rodent, whose pupils dilated, and its body shook. I tried to restrain it, but the creature bit into my arm, ripping my wound open. I stopped the bleeding, but I fear the damage is done.

24 October – Experiment II

I awoke to a terrible cry booming from the cellar and a violent bout of nausea. Through the vile ordeal, I started to recollect what had happened. Tainted with the foul serum, my wound had swollen with lymph, at which point my assailant returned. Most of our fight was a blur, but I can recall red tears trickling down his gruesome cheeks as I clawed at his face. And some moment later when I kicked him, sending him crashing into a brick wall. The power I felt then… there are no words for it. I now know that there is truth to Vigo’s methods. Another cry. My assailant, now chained in the cellar, must be getting restless. This is just the beginning.

25 October – The Peak

I should have foreseen his escape, given the potent dosage I administered him, but I needed to see results. Pustula flowers are now blooming on the path leading to the laboratory. According to Vigo’s Journal, this rapid spread is a sign that the blight is at its peak. Soon, there will be no more putrid nectar to extract.

26 October – Exhausted

I slept very little. The acute throbbing in my wound sent me on a restless, agitated drowse. I have no strength left to be patient, and my distress fosters brutal methods. There are no lines I will not cross.

27 October – Restless

I limited my rest to only a few minutes here and there—I cannot afford wasting time. Pustulas, once lush with nectar, were withering away at the roots of cankerous trees. I could only extract droplets from a few frail flowers. I’m running out of time.

28 October – At Last

Based on Vigo’s calculations, tonight is my last chance. I filled a syringe with the last drops of serum and injected it into my arm.

29 October – The End

I did everything right… and failed. I am stuck in this infernal place with no serum and nowhere to hide.

30 October – Vigo II

I looked for Vigo. I shouted his name with no concern for the monsters lurking about. I need to find him… I picture the scene, etching a canvas of wild lines in my mind, focusing on the moon and I know—something is off. I fed the dead rodent under my pillow.

31 October – Pray

Soon, very soon, I will be at peace. The cold claws of death are drawing near.

Final entry

It’s here. The Entity is here. It has found me.


The Hallowed Blight is live until November 2nd. Do you enjoy Dead By Daylight and have you harvested any nectar yet?