Ask any aspiring musician, the music business can be cut-throat. Hopefully, that’s not usually a literal description. However, that seems to be the case in Dead Envy, a music-centric thriller headed to you this fall. Check out the trailer for the electrifying, pulse-pounding, rock-n-rolling nightmare flick above.

Random Media, the company behind Dead Envy, provides a plot summary along with the first look at the film. According to the summary, the film follows has-been rock star David Tangier. Tangier, having fallen from his musical glory days, now makes a living cutting hair. However, David sees a shot at salvation when a gifted musician applies for a job at David‘s hair salon. A team-up with this new young talent, figures David, could put him back on top. What David doesn’t know, however is that this young talent is not what he seems. And his plans don’t involve salvation at all…




This film is the directorial debut for Harley Di Nardo, who co-wrote the film and also stars as David Tangier. The film also stars Adam Reeser as Javy Beats, the menacing young talent who enters David‘s life. Samantha Smart stars as Cecily Tangiers, David‘s wife and co-owner of the hair salon. The film is set for a limited theatrical run this September, followed by a release on Video on Demand later that month.

In the meantime, what’s your favorite horror/thriller film that incorporates music? Have you checked out Green Room, which also combines punk rock and grim shock? Let us know in the comments section below. You can also give us a shout on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Why not give us a follow while you’re there? We’d love to have you! And for all your horror movie news, musical and non, remember to keep lurking at Nightmare on Film Street.


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