There are a lot of ways to spin a detective drama. You can tell it from the perspective of the people who gather evidence, like CSI. You can tell it from the lawyers’ perspective, like Law & Order. But a perspective that’s always interesting is when someone’s not just near the murder…but an actual murder victim.


According to Variety, the CW has just put in an order for exactly that type of detective show. Dead Inside will follow a “hotshot detective” who is killed in an explosion. His sister, a deadbeat (tee hee) cop, is surprised to learn she can see his spirit. The article explains:

They work together to help crime victims both living and dead, and figure out the unfinished business keeping his spirit on Earth.

The pilot will be written and produced by Katie Lovejoy. Horror fans may remember Lovejoy’s name from the shortly lived Dracula on NBC. Dracula followed the infamous vampiric count into the electric age, but unfortunately got cancelled after one season. Hopefully, Dead Inside will have more luck. In fact, there’s good reason to think so.

The CW is currently experiencing very positive ratings from some of its darker elements. Its Twin-Peaks-esque Riverdale is one of the most talked-about shows on social media. We recently learned that Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles will also be landing at the CW. Even the network’s superhero shows are delving into “Earth-X” a dark, twisted version of reality. Apparently the time has never been better for after-dark stories on the Warner-Brothers-owned channel.

No actors or directors have yet been attached to Dead Inside. However, with the series expected to premiere in the 2018-2019 season, we expect to be hearing a lot more announcements soon. Until then, we at Nightmare on Film Street are going to just assume that a lot of the scenes will look like this:

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