The runaway success of Netflix’s Stranger Things has led to some unexpected problems. The show, whose past two seasons have driven users to the site, was made to be binge-watched. The chemistry between the actors, the pulse-pounding pacing of the story, and the creeping dread of the atmosphere have all conspired to make Stranger Things exceedingly watchable. The problem, though, is simple. Once you’re done watching, there’s a gaping Stranger Things-shaped hole in your soul aching to be filled.

Well, in the words of Professor Farnsworth, good news! Filming is a wrap on Season 3 of Stranger Things.


The cast took to social media to post about the end of filming. Millie Bobbie Brown (Eleven) took to Instagram to post about how she’d been crying all day; a followup post showed the tears as though any evidence were needed. Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) posted a video of his last slide down the escalator at the Starcourt Mall, which will apparently be one of the main locations for Season 3.



Let The Rumors Begin

The most interesting “it’s a wrap!” post of the day, however, went to David Harbour (Chief Jim Hopper). His Instagram post is hashtagged #spoilerswithoutcontext so it’s naturally fuel for any number of weird theories.



So there’s Gary’s Plumbing And Heating, first of all – keeping Hawkins warm so you know there’s something going on there. Who’s Gary, what’s the deal with plumbing and, while we’re on the subject, whatever happened to that one unaccounted-for slug that Will coughed down the drain in Season 1? Second, what’s this about David Harbour’s glorious mustache? Why are we saying goodbye to this redemptive chunk of Eighties nostalgic heroism? Finally, another #Fletch reference. It was revealed in August that Fletch, the 1985 Chevy Chase film about a reporter who goes to absurd lengths to chase a story, played an influential role in Season 3’s story. It was later revealed that one of Season 3’s new characters would be Bruce, played by Jake Busey (The Predator), who would be a “journalist for The Hawkins Post, with questionable morals and a sick sense of humor.” What’s the connection between the plumber and the reporter? What’s the deal with Hopper’s ‘stache? What exactly does a “sick sense of humor” mean?

Season 3 can’t come fast enough.


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