The upcoming Doctor Sleep adaptation has filled another of its important roles. The news, first reported by Deadline, is that Jocelin Donahue will be joining the cast.

This intriguing sequel to The Shining made waves upon its original announcement with Mike Flanagan as the director. Rebecca Ferguson and Ewan McGregor then joined as its two stars. Donahue seems like another solid piece to this puzzle as it comes together.


Donahue is best known for her starring role in Ti West’s The House of the Devil. She was also younger Lorraine in Insidious: Chapter 2. For Doctor Sleep, Donahue will take on the character Lucy, who is the mother of Abra who is portrayed by Kyliegh Curran. This should be an interesting role and something Donahue hasn’t taken on as of yet. Based on her performance from The House of the Devil, I’d like to see how she takes on this role. She is definitely surrounded by a star cast.

As alluded to above, she is joining the likes of McGregor, Ferguson and Bruce Greenwood. McGregor is taking the role of a grown up Danny Torrance, as he tries to overcome going down the same path that his father did. In Doctor Sleep, he has long since repressed his powers – it isn’t the same finger-wagging Danny from the Overlook Hotel. It isn’t until he realizes he has to break the cycle that he rediscovers them. On the other side there is Ferguson. She is taking on the role Rose the Hat. She is the leader of cult The True Knot who feed on those with the ability to ‘shine’. The cult sets its sights on Abra as she is much stronger than Danny with the ‘shining’. Greenwood, who worked with the director Flanagan in Gerald’s Game, will portray Dr. John.

And Doctor Sleep is steered by other confident hands. The film’s director, Mike Flanagan isn’t new to the world of Stephen King. Last year he adapted the “unadaptable” Gerald’s Game for Netflix. That film was a tough task to make, which he knocked out of the park. In Doctor Sleep, he’ll be taking on the task of sequel-izing one of the most beloved horror films of all time – The Shining. The talk is that Doctor Sleep will be much different from that film.

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