It’s always great to see a director pay homage to the genre through their films. The throwbacks, inspirations, and casting a favorite genre performer are ways that directors show their appreciation for the genre that they love. But what drives these things? What brings upon movements within the genre? What are the stories that these directors as well as actors, producers, and special effects artists have to tell? Eli Roth and AMC plan to explore just that in the new season of AMC’s Visionaries series, Eli Roth’s History of Horror.

Beginning October 14th at midnight, Roth will host a grand roster of horror’s most respected and beloved pros who will take us through the annals of the genre. Among that roster are Jack Black, Linda Blair, Jason Blum, Jamie Lee Curtis, Robert Englund, Tippi Hedren, Stephen King, John Landis, Haley Joel Osment, Jordan Peele, the Soska Sisters, Quentin Tarantino, Rob Zombie, and more in seven episodes of digging deep into the history, themes, and secrets of the horror genre!


In an interview with IGN, Roth explained one of the reasons why he wanted this to happen: “You know, when Wes Craven died, all those stories died with him. Tobe Hooper told a story about when he was shooting Texas Chainsaw Massacre, about how the investors came to set and they just wanted drugs and girls. And they had all these dead animals and people were throwing up. Then they said, ‘We gotta burn the animals because they smell so bad!’ Just insane stuff like that, and those stories died when Tobe died. I wanted to get some sort of record to document these directors talking, while going through the history of the genre.”

He doesn’t want to stop with the seven episodes, either. He wants to go deeper: “If the series is a hit, I’d love to continue it. I’d love to do deeper cuts. I’d love to do giallo films, I’d love to cannibal films, I’d love to do ’70s horror, or a whole episode on Hammer Horror. You know, we touch on all this stuff, but I’d love to do full episodes on them […] We could do Japanese horror, British horror, go to Europe and get those directors involved.””

Be there to watch the stories unfold when AMC Visionaries: Eli Roth’s The History of Horror premieres October 14th, at midnight on AMC.


eli roth's history of horror
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