Eli Roth will return with deep dives and interesting tidbits on the magic of horror past from the magicians of horror past! Deadline reports that a second season of Eli Roth’s History of Horror has been giving a great, big scary go forth by AMC.

Originally airing in October of 2018, Eli Roth’s The History of Horror gave interviews with countless onscreen and behind the scenes talent on 7 different subgenres within horror including zombies, slashers, demons, creatures, vampires, and ghosts. The second season has been given a 6 episode order, and will focus on the subgenres of witches, misshapen monsters, and evil children. That leaves three spots for other subgenres!


Eli Roth shared his enthusiasm for a second season by stating …

I’m so thrilled to be continuing this historic series with AMC. In Season 1, we had the most incredible conversations with the top creators in the field who really helped fans around the world appreciate the horror genre in a new light….we look forward to going even deeper in Season 2, bringing out the A-listers to share their stories with everyone for all-time and adding more and more films to the canon. AMC is the perfect network to partner with on a passion project like this and we can’t wait to get started.

It’s always great to see the talent of yesterhorror speaking passionately about their experiences and theories with the genre. Stephen King, Jamie Lee Curtis, Heather Langenkamp, Quentin Tarantino, Diablo Cody, Linda Blair, Robert Englund, Rob Zombie, and tons more all had stories to share within the first season. To think of the roster that will be involved with season 2 is exciting!

No air date has been announced, but with season having been aired during the spooky season of 2018, we can probably look forward to waiting until the spooky season of 2020.

Season one is currently streaming on Shudder along with tons of extra interviews – we’re talking hours – that were not shown in the original airings on AMC.


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