Prolific Pictures is taking audiences on a terrifying trip alongside a deranged madman and his horrifying intentions in the new horror/thriller film, End Trip. Breaking down all sense of safety and security, End Trip intends to disarm audiences by presenting two narratives that spiral into horrifying territory, and at some point come together for its conclusion.

From director, Aaron Jay Rome, End Trip carries a stylish horror aesthetic with a solid storyline; with borderline batshit crazy characters, this trip seems like it’s well worth the ride. The film will also star Dean J. West, Max Shifrin, Jaren Mitchell and Ashley Lenz. Aside from directing, Aaron Jay Rome will also be taking the reins on writing and acting as well (playing the main character, Brandon).




According to Prolific Pictures website, the End Trip synopsis follows:

A twisty thriller that takes place in two near timelines over one dark night in a dark city. In one timeline, Brandon, a likable rideshare driver, spends an evening charming a passenger, Judd, for a 5-star rating and a hefty tip. In the other timeline, Brandon arrives home after his long shift and climbs into bed with girlfriend, Stef. Stef screams. He’s not Brandon! The rideshare with Judd continues, growing creepier by the mile, as Brandon forces Stef to play his girlfriend. The two timelines come together in a shocking twist, and Stef must fight for her life against a ruthless serial killer preying upon a city full of people who ride with strangers.

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