We’re only five months into the new year, but it looks like Halloween has come early. Josh Hasty’s latest film Candy Corn has been picked up by Dread for domestic distribution!


This frightful indie flick has been “a labor of love that’s consumed [the director’s] every waking moment.” After all, Candy Corn has been in the works for three years so it’s no wonder John Hasty is a bit nervous about passing it off to a distributor:

“I had the most incredible team of filmmakers that stood behind my ambitious goals through a very trying and stressful production. When you spend this much time with something you had to consistently keep alive against all odds, the thought of handing it off to a distributor can be horrifying.”


Dread posted a teaser two months ago and shared the official plot, too:

“It’s the eve of Halloween in Grove Hill, Ohio. A traveling carnival is in town for the weekend and local outcast, Jacob Atkins, has been hired as one of the freaks in the event’s main attraction, Dr.Death’s Side Show Spook House Spectacular. Meanwhile, a group of local bullies are planning their annual public hazing of Jacob, but this year things go too far.”

Candy Corn is written and directed by John Hasty, and it stars someone who knows a thing about candy—Tony Todd. Joining him is Halloween and Carrie alum P.J. Soles, Courtney Gains (Children of the Corn), Pancho Moler (Rob Zombie‘s 31), Sky Elobard (Under the Silver Lake), Caleb Thomas, Madison Russ, Cy Creamer, Jimothy Beckholt, Nate Chaney, Patrick Ryan, Justin Mabry, Matt O’Neill, and Jaime Gallagher (producer for Holidays!).

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Dread (previously Dread Central Media) is a genre label at Epic Pictures Group, and their first in-house production The Golem was released earlier this year. Candy Corn is slated for domestic release this fall, and Epic will be taking the film to Cannes this month to find an international distributor.

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