He’s given us Jigsaw, The Conjuring universe, the demons of the Further in Insidious, brought Aquaman to life, and gave us Mary Shaw and her puppets. Now, James Wan will be introducing us to a whole new world of horror via a new film that he will direct and co-write.

Not much is known about the film. What is known – as of now- is that Wan is co-writing the script along with his fiancé, Ingrid Bisu, who also starred in The Nun as Sister Oana. The film will be produced by Wan and Michael Clear under Wan’s Atomic Monster banner, and will be distributed by New Line Cinema.


With New Line’s involvement, there was a little speculation among the internets that the film could potentially be the long-awaited revival of A Nightmare on Elm Street. A nice idea, but it was purely hopeful speculation. Wan indirectly show that rumor down on his Facebook (post has since been removed) by stating,

There’s been a bit of speculation as to what my next project is… all I’ll say is, I’m super excited to go back to my indie roots with this hard-R thriller. An original horror idea (not a reboot/remake or anything based on existing IP) with old school, practical effects and no giant, blue screen sets. That’s all I’ll say for now.”


That statement alone should give us horror fiends a heart flutter. He’s promising a list of aspects that we all long for in a horror film. Another little flutter could be caused by a recent post on Wan’s Instagram with the caption, “Back where it all began. Scouting @lacystreetproductioncenter. Shot all of #SAW here. #memories.”



Is this where he will be filming this new film? Or is he scouting locations for the handful of projects that he has coming up: producing Amazon’s I Know What You Did Last Summer TV series, the upcoming Mortal Kombat and The Tommyknockers reboots, and The Nun 2, and directing the sequel to Aquaman. James Wan is a busy, busy man.

Will he scare us, again? What sort of original, demented world is he dreaming (no pun or relation intended to a Nightmare film) up? I, for one, will be there for it. Will you? Let us know over on our Twitter, subreddit, Instagram, and on The Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook!