When historians from the far-off future look back at our time, they’ll surely believe we worshipped a god called “Stephen King.” I mean, how many times will they see his name in our records until they assume that he was a deity to us? (Side note: they’ll probably also wonder what a “Twitter” was and how it started a nuclear war.) Well, they won’t exactly be wrong. Stephen King does hold a kind of deific place in our culture, especially now in Hollywood. The film adaptations of It, Pet Sematary, and From a Buick 8 have dominated entertainment headlines this summer. Now, another film adaptation of his is making some serious buzz. Apparently, The Tommyknockers has found a screenwriter in The Exorcist‘s Jeremy Slater.

Tommyknockers is about an ancient alien vessel popping up in a small community in a fictional Maine town. The novel contains many Stephen King staples, such as small-town dynamics, social commentary, and connections with unearthly powers from the early days of the universe. King wrote Tommyknockers in 1987.


Slater’s recent work on FOX’s Exorcist TV series certainly qualify him for a horror script, but his horror credits don’t stop there. His previous credits also include Death Note, The Lazarus Effect, and Pet. And if you’re still not sold, there’s another horror vet joining Tommyknockers that you might like. James Wan, genius behind The Conjuring franchise, is set to produce the film. No release date for the project has surfaced, but we’ll let you know as soon as it does.

What Stephen King adaptation are you most looking forward to? Does Slater have the chops to pull off this script? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. And hey, if you like Stephen King, why not check out Tyler Liston’s Castle Rock recaps? They’re re-captivating! For everything Stephen King, and everything horror in general, keep lurking at Nightmare on Film Street.


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