It feels like it has been a minute since we had a good Frankenstein-esque story told on the big screen. Lucky for us, Fangoria is on it. According to Deadline, Fangoria has picked up the original screenplay for After Birth. The film comes from writers Laura Moss and Brendan O’Brien, and Laura Moss set to make her directorial debut as well.

After Birth follows a morgue technician who manages to reanimate the body of a young girl in the morgue. However, it order to keep the girl “alive”, the technician must harvest materials from pregnant women. Ewwwwww. The girl’s mother happens to work at the hospital, presumably where these materials are being obtained. She soon realizes her baby girl is no longer dead. The mother and the re-animator soon strike a deal that is sure to bring horror and darkness to the maximum.


With the themes of life and creation so prevalent in Mary Shelley’s original work, it is so surprising that all female adaptation of the tale has never been created. Shelley had already lost one of her children by the time Frankenstein was published, so it comes at no surprise that she should write a tale focused on the bringing back of life. After Birth feels like a modern adaptation that will dive into the ideas of creation and motherhood/parenthood like the original tale did. With both the morgue technician being a woman, and the girl’s mother being around, it will be interesting to see how the dynamic plays out. Who will truly be seen as the girl’s mother? She who initially gave life biologically? Or she who gave life after death?

After Birth sounds like a promising follow-up to Fangoria’s last presented film Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich. Are you excited for After Birth? Which adaptation of Frankenstein is your favorite? Let us know on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and in the Horror Fiends of Nightmare on Film Street Facebook group!


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