There’s something so comforting and familiar that synthwave fans find in the neon glow that surrounds this electronic music sub-genre.  The way the beats and tones transport us back to a nostalgic time is truly magical on a subconscious level. That, and well…it’s just plain fun. Recognizing the bevy of existing talent and the enthusiastic fans of the music genre, Lakeshore Records and Fangoria Presents teamed up and delivered.  Big time.

Earlier this year, Fangoria Presents: Hollydoom-Original Magazine Soundtrack was released digitally to kick off the return of the horror magazine icon.  And while digital is great and all, the time has finally come for physical media fans to rejoice. In the latest issue of Fangoria, Lakeshore Records revealed that there will be a vinyl release available August 2nd reasonably priced at a SRLP $19.98.  Pressed on  ‘Translucent Orange’ wax, the album will be a single disc featuring artwork by John Bergin.


So, what exactly is a magazine soundtrack? Here’s how Fangoria sums it up:

The companies have enlisted some of the finest composers and musicians from horror’s past, present, and future to build a soundtrack that captures the energy and life of the horror genre. HOLLYDOOM is a celebration of the essential role that music plays inside the horror films we love. The right music can intensify the car chase, signal the impending doom of the final victim, and even give the murder weapon a personality of its own. The perfect movie soundtrack complements the director’s vision by creating atmosphere and energy that would be absent otherwise. FANGORIA magazine has been capturing the atmosphere of the horror industry and all of its nuances since 1979 and HOLLYDOOM is its soundtrack companion.


Leave it to these two film powerhouses to create and manifest such a cool idea. Roping in some of the best talent out there, this is a sure to please compilation guaranteed to get you grooving. Pre-orders are available now here.  Digital downloads can also be found here.  Full track list below:

Side A
01. Adult Themes – Power Glove
02. Cthulhu – Gunship featuring Corin Hardy
03. Mandarin’s Claws – Carpenter Brut
04. The Narrow Caves – Binary Reptile
05. Fugue – Ogre

Side B
06. Abyss – John Carpenter
07. The Black Dahlia – Wojciech Golczewski
08. Initiation – Pentagram Home Video
09. Razzle Dazzle – Umberto
10. Darker Skies – Mega Drive


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