[Fantastic Fest Review] Finding Humanity through UFOs in LOVE AND SAUCERS

Aliens have infiltrated earth. Well, they have at least for David Huggens, subject of documentary LOVE AND SAUCERS.


Love and Saucers is the story of David Huggins, a 72 year-old Hoboken man who claims to have had a lifetime of encounters with otherworldly beings – including an inter species romance with an extra-terrestrial woman – and chronicled it all in surreal impressionist paintings. Despite the slightly absurd stories recounted in this film, they are absolute truths to David, the film’s focus and guide. What could easily have been delivered to us mockingly, this documentary is careful to bear objective witness to a man’s unique story.


love and saucers fantastic fest documentary

On it’s face, this film is about a man who has lived an interesting life with an incredibly inventive imagination. But when you drop the pretense, and forget that what he says couldn’t possibly be true – you get to watch his journey as an artist. David documents each of his ‘alien encounters’ in the form of an oil painting. By the time we get to meet David, he has created and amassed a collection in the hundreds of these otherworldy paintings. Each with a vivid and wild story. In each one, we get to see David exploring space, color, and form – evoking real and true emotions from these depicted encounters. Every painting an improvement from the last.

In an interview with Lift Off Festivals, filmmaker Brad Abrahams discussed finding his unique subject:

About 5 years ago I was on a long distance bus journey in South East Asia and had loaded up my iPhone with all sorts of strange and interesting podcasts, and after hours and hours of listening to some UFO related podcasts, they mentioned David’s story (just in one line,) and it just sounded so bizarre I couldn’t believe that someone even thought that that happened to them. So as soon as I was back home I tried to hunt him down, and learned that he had absolutely zero internet presence, and the only way I could contact him was through a neighbour, who had since moved to Turkey. So I had to track her down in Turkey, and get his home phone number and then call him and just say, “Hey, your story is fascinating, maybe we can talk about a film?” We just started these chats, talking for hours once a week or so, to get his full story. And we took it from there!”


love and saucers fantastic fest documentary

Overall, David Huggins’ story is a fascinating one. And, Love and Saucers is successful in telling it respectfully, without jest. The viewing experience of this documentary is also a humbling one; in the process of watching you shed the typical judgements that creep under the surface of modern-day life. David is an artist, with a beautifully strange story to tell. I believe that David believes.

3.5/4 eberts


LOVE AND SAUCERS is currently playing at Fantastic Fest. You can find out more about the film on director Brad Abrahams’ website.




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