If freaky monsters and psychological horror are your jam, you may want to keep Discarnate on your radar. Director Mario Sorrenti has assembled a pretty good cast and solid monster design for his first feature film, and you can catch the trailer for it right here!


Discarnate focuses on a scientist, Andre Mason, who is obsessed with discovering the limits the human consciousness can go, including communicating with the afterlife. Mason is searching for clues to the disappearance of his son, and is played by Thomas Kretschmann. Kretschmann has appeared in some big name films, including 2005’s King Kong and Avengers: Age of Ultron. He’s no stranger to horror, having also appeared in the Resident Evil film series and Blade II.


A neuroscientist’s obsession with a drug that expands the human mind inadvertently unleashes a deadly supernatural force on his team. ‘Once it sees your soul it hunts your flesh’


Other actors appearing in Discarnate include some familiar faces: Nadine Velazquez (My Name is Earl), Josh Stewart (Interstellar), Bex Taylor-Klaus (Voltron), Chris Coy (The Deuce), and Matt Munroe (Independence Day: Resurgence). Not a lot of household names, but plenty of “Oh, I’ve seen that guy before!”

The film debuted at LA’s Screamfest 2018, and early reviews indicate that it features a strong ensemble, good effects, and some really freaky creature work. It also looks like Discarnate will play on some of those very vogue fears that horror movies love: freaky children, jerky monster movements, and plenty of hypodermic needles.

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The film has already seen some international release, but it will be coming to VOD sometime in the next few months. To keep up to date on the latest indie horror, make sure to check us out on our Twitter, the official NOFS subreddit, and our Horror Movie Fiend Club on Facebook for all the latest news.


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