Fans of The Walking Dead universe have just been handed some head-scratching news. In what was teased as the long awaited crossover between their two mega-hit shows, Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead, AMC has announced that Lennie James’ Morgan Jones will be leaving Rick’s side and joining the cast of Fear the Walking Dead. Many fans across the country have met this news with a deafening and resounding “Huh?”.

Ever since Fear the Walking Dead (hereupon initialed FTWD because my fingers hurt) began in 2015, fans have been waiting for the two worlds to collide. It was only a matter of time, we thought, until we start to see story lines and characters cross paths with one another. The end goal, we hoped, was that the Clarks would someday meet up with Rick’s group in Georgia. With this news about Morgan, however, we are starting to have a few issues with the direction Robert Kirkman is taking his shows.

Fear the Walking Dead
Lennie James as Morgan in The Walking Dead

First of all, Morgan’s story has been told. We know his path from beginning to end, except for a little time between when we first met him in season one (Days Gone Bye) and his re-emergence as a crazy person in season three (Clear). Morgan would have had so much more impact as a character if we would have just left him and his son in season one. Instead, we were re-introduced to him twice and were force fed his character arc as if he meant anything to us.

Secondly, there are dozens of other characters that we would rather see crossing over to FTWD. Abraham, who was from Houston, makes the most sense seeing as FTWD is moving there to film this upcoming season. I would have loved to see Shane (Jon Bernthal), or Glenn (Steven Yeun), or even Merle (Michael Rooker) join the universe once again. Hell, even give me T-Dog (Irone Singleton) over Morgan. These are all characters that have a finite timeline that could contribute (however briefly) to the story arcs of the other cast as they journey East.

Fear the Walking Dead
We miss you, Shane

It will be interesting to see how the writers will work Morgan into this upcoming season of FTWD. Although there is little mystery left in Morgan’s journey, those years after his son died must be memorable. I just hope that we will get a plausible reason for his appearance instead of it being shoe-horned in to distract viewers from the failing Negan story-line. Join our Facebook Group and let us know what you think about Morgan joining Fear the Walking Dead.

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