Hold your breath as we dive into a home viewing of the new release Underwater (2020). We will be monitoring the heart rate and oxygen levels of our subject who has a fear of open waters. Find out if this deep-sea creature feature raised her pulse to terrifyingly high levels.

What is Fear Scale? We’ve all heard the expression ‘Scared to Death’ or how something ‘Made My Heart Skip a Beat’, but what does that actually look like? Studies have shown that even when subjected to stimuli that can not present a true threat of danger, our bodies will still produce a physiological response. By analyzing real-time results we are able to give you the most accurate reviews for anything that makes your heart race.


A crew of oceanic researchers working for a deep-sea drilling company try to get to safety after a mysterious earthquake devastates their deepwater research and drilling facility located at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Test Subject: Leah

Age: 35

Gender:  Female

Fears: Scuba Diving / Open Water

Resting HR: 62-65bpm

Walking HR: 80-85bpm



Intense action a mere ten minutes into the film pulled our subject to the edge of her seat. And by sixteen minutes we recorded our first 90bpm spike which wouldn’t be the last. Subtle humor from one of the main characters sustained numbers above her resting average. Her numbers began to climb as a loveable character was put in jeopardy. Our subject’s oxygen level dipped for a brief moment around 30:00 as she held her breath, then her heart rate exploded to a 102bpm peak when she released. The combination of tension and jump scares built momentum even during seemingly calm moments. The characters were in constant danger throughout the film, never giving the viewer a chance to relax. The finale carried with it multiple spikes above 90bpm, and paired with a short run time, our subject’s overall average climbed above 80bpm.


Underwater (2020) is a suspenseful film best viewed in a deep dark room. The anxiety created below the surface was able to produce extreme physiological reactions in our subject. Much like a found footage film, shaky claustrophobic scenes raised stress levels. Even the simple story did not lessen the tension. Our subject cared for the victims in peril and the gorgeous effects kept her enthralled. For a PG-13 film, the surprising scenes of gore and intense images were impressive. Underwater (2020) is a creature feature worth putting on your radar so turn off your lights and enjoy burning through your next seafood appetizer.

Underwater: Burns an average of 261 Calories

3oz Fried Calamari: 149 Calories

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