Fans of psychological thrillers rejoice, a fresh take on the concept is coming your way. In Monochrome, director Thomas Lawes tells a story about a young woman turned serial killer.

Lawes is a bit of a newcomer having only directed 4 other films, including a documentary by the name of The Last Projectionist (2011). James Cosmo, also known as Jeor Mormont on Game of Thrones, appears in Monochrome as Roger Daniels. Fans of 2012’s Les Miserables will recognize actor Fra Fee (Courfeyrac) as Kieren in Monochrome. Emma Jones, portrayed by Jo Woodcock, goes off the grid after life has handed her too many problems. Her boyfriend is arrested for hiding millions of stolen pounds from various pensions.

She takes shelter in the home of wealthy landowners in exchange for work. They cross the line and begin to abuse her. This is when she snaps and takes revenge, becoming one of the country’s most wanted killers. The British Crime Agency puts Detective Gabriel Lenard (Cosmo Jarvis), on the case to investigate the murders. Jarvis is known for portraying Sebastian in 2016’s Lady MacBeth. Despite Emma’s efforts to hide, Gabriel is able to hunt her down using his synesthesia, meaning one of his five senses is especially powerful. To find out where his strength lies, and how far Emma Jones is willing to go to keep up with her new lifestyle, be sure to check out the film.

Official Synopsis: 

A disillusioned young woman becomes a serial killer targeting wealthy land-owners, forcing a brilliant detective to use his unusual neurological condition to track her down.


Monochrome first premiered at the Cinequest Festival in May 2017. It soon be available worldwide on video on demand and DVD starting June 6th, 2018. Check out the trailer above,  an exclusive clip via the fine folks at Rue Morgue below, and let us know what you think over in our Facebook Group!