Back in April, we learned that the festival smash-hit Tigers are Not Afraid would finally get a US release via Shudder. Fans of the film, myself included, were ecstatic that it will finally be available to a wider international audience. But we’ve just learned that not only will the film get a streaming release, but Shudder will also bring Tigers are Not Afraid to theaters on August 23rd!

Mexican Director Issa Lopez received critical acclaim for her first foray into genre film after Tigers Are Not Afraid premiered at Fantastic Fest 2018, where she took home Best Horror Director. The film is a horror fairytale set in present-day Mexico. It follows a group of children orphaned by the drug wars struggling to survive, hide from the cartels, and keep their hope and belief in magic alive. It’s poetic, beautiful, frightening, and heartbreaking. The film garnered praise from our own Chris Aitkens, as well as horror greats like Stephen King, Guillermo Del Toro, and Neil Gaiman. Del Toro called it “An unsparing blend of fantasy and brutality. Innocence and evil. Innovative, compassionate, and mesmerizing.” He was so impressed that he is now producing some of Issa López’s next work.


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The theatrical release of Tigers Are Not Afraid will be an opportunity for North American horror fans to experience one of the best genre films of 2018. It will open in select cities (New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto) in partnership with Shudder and Variance Films. If you won’t find yourself in one of those cities in August, fear not! The film will get a wider release in September leading up to its Shudder debut. 

I was lucky enough to catch Tigers Are Not Afraid at Boston Underground 2018, and it was hands down one of my favorite films of the year. Needless to say, I can’t wait to get the chance to see it again!


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