This Halloween, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood invites you to a giant Halloween horror film celebration. As the behind decades of famous horror films, it’s fitting that the event’s tagline would be “Horror Made Here”. The event is promised to be an “incredible Halloween party where evil clowns, demon nuns, super villains, possessed dolls and the devil himself will come to life”. Now that is quite a promise.

Festival of Frights is bringing the carnival to town this year. A creepy carnival no less. Titled “Can You Smell The Circus Georgie?” this carnival is sure to scare. Prepare yourself for music, food and drinks, special effects makeup demonstrations, and The Lost Boys retro arcade. If you are a fan of Tim Burton, be sure to check out “Behind the Screams”. This dive into the dark whimsy of Burton’s work will showcase several props and costumes from his iconic films, including Beetlejuice.

Festival of Frights also includes several mazes to hurl you into the world of horror films. In “You’ll Float Too” everyone’s favorite clown is waiting to terrorize you. “The Joker is Your Judge” will have you battling the Joker, as well as many of Arkham Asylum’s notorious inmates, and “The Next Chapter in the Conjuring Universe”, you’ll investigate some of the world’s most famous paranormal cases. But make sure you don’t let the spirits get you!


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Exorcist fans are invited to attend a lovely church service, where there definitely won’t be any demonic spirits in “The Exorcist: Forbidden Screening”. Lastly, for all you machete maniacs out there, “Nightmare of Crystal Lake”, is just a pleasant tour of the studio lot to check out sets from your favorite films. Nothing spooky here. Of course, you might want to pack a towel and bathing suit. Just in case an unexpected detour finds you at summer camp. 

So if you got this far and are ready to go to the festival now, maybe you should join The Loser’s Club Experience. In this special experience, you get two complimentary beverages, free priority parking, a free It photo-op, and one-time front of the line access to each maze. Now that’s had to pass up!

Warner Bros. Festival of Frights is happening various dates throughout October this year and ticket prices do vary by date. The event is only for individuals 13 years and older, so it is bound to be scary. You might also want to take advantage of The Loser’s Club Experience, and enjoy complimentary beverages, free priority parking, an It photo-op, and one-time front of the line access to each maze!

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