The very first images of Joaquin Phoenix in full Joker-mode have been released. The character will appear in an upcoming standalone film on the iconic Batman villian, and is shaping up to be what looks like an origin story on the maniacal character.


Director Todd Philips shared the first image of Phoenix, with the caption “Arthur”. This confirms rumours that The Joker would be going by the name of Arthur Fleck in the new film.

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Though details are still very scarce on the film, there is a lot to be garnered of the first look. The images lack the highly colorized, sometimes glamorous purple and green aesthetic iconic to the character. The lack of color and over-the-top villain characterization suggest this reboot will be more grounded and see our villain in a dirtier, grittier, more realistic Gotham City. Perhaps Joker is getting the Unbreakable treatment after the success of the suprise-it’s-a-super-hero film Split, and now Glass, out later this year.

Robert De Niro, Zazie Beetz, Marc Maron, and Frances Conroy have also signed on to portray roles in the film.

The standalone Joker story is currently filming, and not to be confused with the other standalone Joker film starring Jared Leto, a spin-off of last year’s cool-enough-to-not-need-a-plot Suicide Squad.

No word yet on an official title or release. Keep your eyes on Nightmare on Film Street for updates as they roll in!