Special effects master Tom Savini took to Instagram last night to share a first look behind the lens of a new (and top secret) project he’s been working on. And, in a change of pace – Savini’s students at the PA Douglas Education Center will be handing the special effects this go-around. This is likely as Tom Savini will be quite busy – he’ll be directing part of the series, alongside some other fine characters – including; George A. Romero’s daughter, Tina Romero!

Not much is known about the top secret project, but we do know they’ve gone for an old world feel. The images, all in black and white, show the crew in an ornate drawing room. Brocade curtains, patterned wallpaper, a large fireplace mantle and crown molding all over the place. Tom Savini hinted in his caption to expect “ magic tricks, violence, revenge, and horror in the style of a silent film.” We’re hoping for perhaps a seedy speak-easy, a turn of the century Magic Castle, and some Prestige-worthy desperation for the love of the trick.

We’ll keep you posted for more details on the series as it becomes available. In the meantime, comment below all your spectacular speculations, and join in on the conversation in our Facebook Group!

The full post and caption: