Robert Eggers’ upcoming film The Lighthouse is set to premiere at the Directors’ Fortnight next month, and fans are eager to catch a first glimpse.


While we know almost nothing about the film’s plot, Eggers has announced some minor details. The Lighthouse is set in the late 1800s and follows an aging lighthouse keeper named Old. Old is played by the legendary Willem Defoe, who will be accompanied on-screen by Robert Pattinson. Now that the first image of the film has been released, we can see Defoe and Pattinson looking nautically rugged. With Defoe’s bushy beard and Pattinson’s thick mustache, these two look like they belong perfectly in the time period.



The Lighthouse is only the second feature directed by Robert Eggers, but after Eggers made his debut in 2015 with The Witch, fans have high expectations for his follow-up. The Lighthouse has been described as fantasy/horror and is shot completely in black in white on equipment from the 1920s and 1940s which is sure to only add to the beauty of Eggers’ filmmaking. Black and white horror films have an air of gothic horror to them that will lend beautifully to the fantastical horrors Eggers has planned for us in The Lighthouse.

I personally cannot wait until more information about this film rolls out. So far we have basically a sentence’s worth of plot and one photo to go off of, and we cannot wait for more. And with the acting caliber that both Defoe and Pattinson bring to the table, the performances in Eggers’ film are truly going to be memorable. Few people are as adaptable at acting as Willem Defoe, who has dipped his toe in the horror genre previously in 2000 with American Psycho and Shadow of the Vampire. Between the director, cast, and cinematography it looks like The Lighthouse is bound to be quite the film.

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