There is no denying that Joseph Ruben’s Sleeping with the Enemy (1991) is a classic. Julia Roberts’ excellent portrayal of an abused wife taking control of her own life to bring a beatdown on her spouse was just what we needed going into the 90’s. It was a huge success, bringing in $101 million at the domestic box office from a $19 million budget. It’s tough to find someone who didn’t see that movie at the time of its release. 

Now it looks like Fox Searchlight is going to be giving the original a run for its money with a new re-imagining. UK producer Damien Jones has stated Nia DeCosta will be writing and directing a new version. DeCosta has made quite a few waves on horror websites with her involvement as the director of the new Candyman remake slated for release in 2020. There is no word on the type of changes that are on their way but the possibilities are endless. Will they do a gender-swap situation and make the protagonist a male? Will they make it more violent? Or will it be a cut and copy remake with just enough new choices to be it’s own film?


Nia DeCosta’s first film Little Woods is releasing April 19th, 2019. Candyman has no official release date but is scheduled for a 2020 release. Considering that she has not had a released film yet, this is a lot of faith these studios are giving to this new filmmaker. Especially by having her take the helm of remaking such beloved films.

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