While Netflix may have a supposed three-season curse for their shows, it seems as if FOX has a supposed one to two season curse for its genre-specific shows. Following in the steps of the short-lived Scream Queens and The Exorcist, FOX has canceled The Passage.

The apocalyptic, vampire drama aired its season one finale after a run of ten episodes. Viewership started off prettying strong for the show, but quickly began to drop – by 2 million – near the end of the season.


Based on the novels by Justin Cronin, The Passage told the story of Amy Bellafonte (Saniyya Sidney), an orphaned girl who is chosen by a top-secret government underground to be a test subject for a strain of vampirism that they think can be controlled and used to cure impossible diseases. Her handler, Brad Wolgast (Mark Paul Gosselaar), finds himself opposing the ideas of the project, and they go on the run. Meanwhile, the project begins to crumble as the past subjects who have succumbed to their vampiric ways begin to plan world domination.

Yeah, it was your typical “vamps want to take over the world and feed off all of the humans” storyline, but there were legit subplots involving other wonderful characters aside from Amy and Brad. My favorite side character being the tragic vampire with a story that could make her own spinoff, Shauna Babcock, portrayed by Brianne Howey, who – funny enough – was one of the main stars of the first season of FOX’s The Exorcist.

Thankfully, the first season wrapped up most of the subplots that were presented so fans aren’t technically being left hanging, yet the last few moments of the finale promised a bigger and more dangerous world than the one we had already experienced. No spoilers for those who still want to experience the show for themselves.


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