Friday the 13th franchise favorite Shelly Finkelstein makes his triumphant return to Friday the 13th: The Game today. The most recent patch from Gun Media welcomes back the merry prankster of Friday the 13th Part III to the widely popular video game. Despite the very limited info we’ve received from developers, the excitement in the horror community is unmistakable. And purists will be happy to know that actor Larry Zerner was brought in to reprise his role as Shelly for the game’s voice capture! The patch was released today for Playstation 4 and Steam with further rollout for Xbox One coming shortly.

Fans will of course remember Shelley as the goofy rascal responsible for providing Jason Voorhees’ with his iconic hockey mask. In Friday the 13th Part III, after a series of bizarre practical jokes Shelly scares one of the other campers as a scuba diving, harpoon gun wielding, hockey goalie. The whole scene clearly left an impression on Jason though. From that moment onward, he has never been seen without the mask. Admittedly, we weren’t the biggest fans of Friday the 13th Part III but it remains a classic. See how Part III fared in our Friday The 13th franchise ranking, with it’s cheap pranks and nonthreatening hands. If it’s been a while since you’ve revisited the film, here’s a quick compilation of Shelly‘s greatest hits.


Personally, I’m most excited to see Shelly‘s Emote Wheel. In a recent patch to the Friday the 13th: The Game, characters were given an “Emote Comm Wheel” that gave players the ability to have their characters interact with the environment, and other characters. If your microphone is giving you trouble (or you just don’t feel like having every player listen to you eat Doritos while you play) the Emote Wheel gave you the ability to communicate to other players through your character. Fingers crossed the patch also includes rubber chickens and whoopee cushions.

friday the 13th the game shelly
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