Sad news for fans of the Friday the 13th: The Game and horror gaming as a whole.  Gun Media announced today that there will be no new content for game due to the ongoing lawsuit connected to character rights and creative licensing.  Screenwriter Victor Miller is attempting to reclaim rights to characters in the original and subsequent films. Sean Cunningham, director of the original film, contends that Miller’s script was written on a work-for-hire basis, meaning Miller would have no legal basis, but the lawsuit has still managed to keep the franchise in developmental limbo since the 2009 remake.


Gun Media Announces No New Content

Various members of the Gun Media team have spoken on the topic today, confirming their situation and giving emotional responses to the sad news.  The official announcement can be found here, but in short it states that there will be no new content. This includes new counselors, maps, versions of Jason and game modes.

As many in our community may be aware, a legal claim has been made which could affect all future Friday the 13th intellectual property. Although in the past the game has not been subject to any such claim, new content and material going forward will be affected. An initial decision in this case was expected in October 2017, but no decision has yet been issued. The court review of the legal rights is in process, but final resolution may take some time. Until the claim rights can be dismissed or resolved, no new content can be released.


They will however continue quality of life updates including bug fixes. They will still implement the dedicated servers promised to console players.  This is upsetting news for the game and seems as if it will shorten its lifespan.  Its yet to be seen, but Gun Media isn’t giving up yet.




Playerbase Upset Over Missing Out on Promised Content

Friday the 13th: The Game was made possible through a Kickstarter program.  It provided backers with early access, merch and exclusives in exchange for financial backing.  The Kickstarter page also had a list of other content they hoped to add over time that helped boost interest and hype for the game.  Back in February 2018 it was leaked that they were working on Uber Jason and the Grendel map from Jason X.  We were also set to receive some of the most iconic kills from the film (liquid nitrogen face smash anyone?). Other potential content included Pamela Voorhees, Jason Takes Manhattan map and characters, and numerous kill packs and emotes.  Knowing the potential the game had that we will not get to see is a crushing blow.

No new content for the Friday the 13th: The Game is devastating for the playerbase. Despite having a core group of fans, the game relies on new content to bring the casual players coming back.  While the future of the game seems bleak now, Nightmare on Film Street will keep you updated on any new developments.