Horror movie reboots and remakes have been all the rage over the last few years, and the next one coming down the pipeline might be a reboot of Nightmare on Elm Street(1984) if SpectreVision’s Elijah Wood(The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring) gets his way. Wood, along with fellow producer Daniel Noah(Mandy) have both “long fantasized about having a crack at Nightmare on Elm Street[1984]” as Noah told Bloody Disgusting. However, Wes Craven’s(A Nightmare on Elm Street) estate currently owns the rights to the franchise so this might just remain a pipe dream for the duo and Freddy Krueger might not appear on screen again for a very long time, if ever again.


Many horror fans are tired of the seemingly endless cycle of remakes that have been flooding the market over the past few years and may be especially rolling their eyes at this idea considering there was already a remake back in 2010. But recent years have proven that reboots be more than nostalgia-exploiting cash grabs. It(2017) brought a much darker tone to Stephen King’s story that the 1990 miniseries did not, while Child’s Play(2019) was a more modern take on a classic film that felt more relevant to our times. A new Nightmare on Elm Street could go in either of these directions. Also, based on the quote mentioned before, the project would be one born of legitimately telling a new story, rather than trying to exploit the nostalgia for the original to make a quick buck. While this does not immediately speak to the film’s quality, but it can at least earn itself a vote of confidence from most viewers.


Little else is known about the potential reboot, including whether it will ever happen, but fans of the original that are hungering for more Freddy can cross their fingers that we get a good remake from the producer duo. For updates on this and every horror franchise being worked on, follow us on  Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And for all your horror movie news, reviews, and interviews, keep lurking at Nightmare on Film Street.


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