[Fund This] Fasten Your Seatbelts for Punk Rock Puppet Horror, DEAD AIR

Fans of practical effects, return to your seats and put your tray tables in an upright position! Indie filmmakers from the UK, Geoff Harmer and Peter Hearn, have a new project aiming sky high: Dead Air. In their own words:

“Welcome to Dead Air.  A hand crafted punk rock splatter movie from the mind of the writer of Scrawl (Starring Star Wars – The Force Awakens Daisy Ridley) and the Director of the award winning festival favourite Selfie..”


dead air horror movie 2017 indiegogo

The description for this movie is basically every word I wrote in my notebook sophomore year rolled into one. Dead Air is an indie punk rock horror-comedy short film starring puppets on a plane featuring primarily practical effects. Deep breath, Mac. The creatures in this movie are gremlins in the original sense of the word: mischievous creatures with a penchant for disabling machinery. Like the gremlin in the classic Twilight Zone episode, “Terror at 20,000 Feet,” these creatures aim to bring down an airplane. Does this mean that William Shatner will chew whatever scenery is left when the monsters have had their fill? Holy crap, I hope so!

dead air horror movie 2017 indiegogo

I’ll keep my fingers crossed so that in twenty years, we can look back at Dead Air and call it the first in a widespread revival of Gremlins-style miniature monster movies. More puppets, please!

The film is currently seeking finishing funds on Indiegogo. Watch the preliminary teaser trailer for the film (above), check out the promotional and behind the scene stills, and consider supporting the critter creature feature! To pledge money to the Dead Air campaign visit the film’s IndieGoGo page.

To keep up to date with Dead Air news, connect on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


dead air horror movie 2017 indiegogo

dead air horror movie 2017 indiegogo

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