Movie podcasts about victims of “Development Hell” are all the rage these days, and nothing sucks more than falling in love with a killer story that you know you’ll never get a chance to see. But thanks to the internet, horror fans have been able to take matters into their own hands and fun the movies that they want to see get made!

The project we want to direct your attention to today is called Delicate Arch, and if you’re an indie horror fan that helped bring Paranormal Activity to your local movie theatre, you’re definitely not going to want to miss the opportunity to help bring this passion project to life.


Four college kids. Disintegrating friendships. An ecological disaster and one doomed camping trip to the Utah desert. Alone and isolated, weird things begin to happen. Soon, our heroes begin to suspect that they’re being watched. Let’s see what they do… This is Delicate Arch, a new wholly independent, postmodern horror-comedy now seeking physical production funding on Seed&Spark. 

From executive producer Rodney Ascher (Room 237The Nightmare), Delicate Arch is a movie about voyeurism, constructed realities, and horror cinema itself. Written and directed by filmmaker Matt Warren, Delicate Arch is a visually maximalist genre-hopping horror experience told across multiple realities and film formats.


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But! Nothing can happen without the support of horror lovers and the horror film fan community. With production looming and current funding stretched to the breaking point, Delicate Arch needs friends and familiars at any dollar amount.


Filmmaker Matt Warren and the DVX100A


Writer and director Matt Warren is a Utah-raised, LA-based filmmaker who has worked for nearly two decades in the digital space, as a creative producer on projects for talent including The Big Sick director Michael Showalter, The Simpson’s Matt Selman, Big Bang Theory’s Eric Kaplan, David Wain, Judah Friedlander, Aubrey Plaza and more. Delicate Arch is his feature debut.

With a haunting original score by Portland-based ambient musician AMULETS and cinematography by Whitney Biennial-minted director of photography Antonio Ciseros, Delicate Arch seeks to upend the rules of elevated horror and deliver buckets of gore, blood, and existential terror.

To learn more visit and help bring this new terrifying vision to life by becoming a Seed & Spark supporter HERE. Follow the film on Twitter and Instagram at @DelicateArchPic for more….if you dare 💀


Rented location to be used in Delicate Arch


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