[Fund This] Try Not to Turn in ‘Zombie Doctor’ The Card Game!

Zombie Doctor is a new card game has landed on popular crowd-funding website Kickstarter. Nearly at 50% of their goal only a week in, this zombie-fueled game is well on its way to full funding.

Zombie Doctor is a frantic card-turning game. Amputate, reattach and swap limbs to survive. It’s your turn not to turn!


zombie doctor card game kickstarter

Zombie Doctor is a fun and frantic card-turning game. Amputate, reattach and even swap limbs to slow the zombie infection. Each player chooses to be one of four medical professionals and has several cards laid out to represent their body parts. The game’s unique mechanic is that one side of a card has your healthy limb and if you turn it over, the zombie equivalent is shown.  

Players take it in turn to use one of their Pain or Gain cards. The Pain or Gain Cards have the power to help you or hurt others. You can heal limbs with medicine, amputate infected limbs and even use a defibrillator. Do whatever it takes to stay alive!

 The winner is the last player to have the infection reach their head! There are many reward tiers available on the Kickstarter campaign, all of which includes a copy of the game and some are Kickstarter exclusives.

 Zombie Doctor is being manufactured by Ad Magic, a well established company who have printed excellent card games such as Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens.

zombie doctor card game kickstarter

Backers on Kickstarter will get some great rewards in addition to copies of the game; signed hand-drawn zombie cards, exclusive Kickstarter Zombie tees, and tons of stretch goals!

The Kickstarter campaign ends November 1st, so head on over and check out Zombie Doctor!



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