If you are like most lifelong horror fans of a certain age, you grew up on several iconic spooktastic TV shows. Whether it was The Alfred Hitchcock Hour or The Outer Limits, there is tons of gold there to mine. None were as big of a hit or as influential than The Twilight Zone. Disney World as a ride themed on the show despite being cancelled for decades, for crying out loud! The show was created and hosted by playwright and screenwriter Rod Serling, who also served as the shows Executive Producer and head writer. The show featured hour-long horror vignettes that usually ended in a twist and a lesson about life. Many great actors and filmmakers got their start on the show.

While it only ran for six seasons, the show had a massive impact on the genre and popular culture. A big part of what made the show work was a singular vision, based in a deep love of the genre. The show was Serling. Networks brought The Twilight Zone back twice, in 1989 and 2002, but both failed very quickly because they were treated like regular, formulaic shows with loads of showrunners. This is why the horror community is so excited by this upcoming incarnation of the show, as they’ve gone back to the model of having a singular vision steering the ship. And not just any vision, but Jordan Peele.


Well, new cast announcements are getting us at NOFS even more excited. It was recently announced that Betty Gabriel and Zazie Beetz will be joining the cast. Can I get an amen to that?! We already know Peele can direct Gabriel to fantastic results as we saw in her bone chilling performance in Get Out. I look forward to much more magic from that pairing and can’t wait to see her flex her acting muscles in a format that blends genres and styles week-to-week.

While Peele and Beetz haven’t worked together before, we have seen she has the skills to pay the bills in the last couple years with great shows like Atlanta and great flicks like Deadpool 2. In those two roles alone, she is totally natural in incredibly different genres and characters. She seems a natural fit for the show and we’re lucky she’s joining forces with Peele for this one.

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