As the world waits with bated breath to see the outcome of his character Bronn in the final season of HBO’s Game Of Thrones, Jerome Flynn is making more moves in the world of television fantasy. In an interview with The Mirror, Flynn revealed that his next appearance will be in Amazon’s upcoming The Dark Tower series.

Amazon’s production department has taken a serious fantasy bent recently; a smart move, given the vacuum being created by the departure of Game Of Thrones at the end of its eighth season. Recent acquisitions have included powerhouse epics like Robert Jordan’s The Wheel Of Time, J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord Of The Rings and Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Each property features an embarrassment of riches in terms of source material, and Amazon now seems well-prepared to corner the market HBO created.


The Amazon production of The Dark Tower comes on the heels of the feature film adaptation starring Idris Elba; the film received mixed reviews and Amazon has stated that their production of the television series will hew closer to the source material. According to Deadline, the series will focus on the origin story of protagonist Roland Deschain, including how the character got his signature guns, how he fell in love, and how his first mission as a gunslinger turned out. Flynn, for his part, told The Mirror that “I’ve always said I’d like to play a cowboy – and now one has come along. I’m excited for that.”

Anyone familiar with King’s The Dark Tower knows that the setup outlined by Deadline is a dead ringer for Wizard And Glass, the fourth book in the series; it’s the story of how Roland got his signature guns, fell in love, and underwent his first mission as a gunslinger. It’s also set in a stand-in for the Texas-Mexico borderlands and features an awful lot of cowboys. Given Flynn’s elevated status as fan favorite Ser Bronn, it’s likelier that he’ll play one of the Big Coffin Hunters, a trio of cowboy mercenaries who oppose Roland’s mission and work to undermine him.


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