There is a condition affecting horror fans around the globe. It’s a hole in the heart, a hole that’s the exact shape and size of Stranger Things Season Three. Unfortunately, you can’t fill that gap until the summer of 2019, when the Netflix show returns for your bingeing pleasure. In the mean time, there is something that might help. That thing is, of course, limited edition Stranger Things merchandise. And thanks to the good folks at GameStop, that merchandise will be in a cool, collectible package.

The Stranger Things Collectors Box features some rare Hawkins novelties that you can only get via the package. There are coasters in the shape of Eleven’s favorite snack, Eggos. There are socks worn by the upstanding employees of the Hawkins Sheriffs Department. And a coin bank shaped like a 20-sided die. There’s even a light-up tote styled like the home of eternally stressed Joyce Buyers. Plus, you’ll find some more common Stranger Things flair, like a special edition of the Stranger Things comic from Dark Horse Publishing, and a mystery 7” vinyl figure. It all comes in a box styled like a microwave with the show’s logo on the front. Whether you’re a huge fan of the show or just a horror collector, this is an awesome addition to any collection.



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Grab your walkie talkie and get ready to battle the monsters from the Upside Down! Get the ultimate Stranger Things experience with this limited-edition GameStop exclusive collector’s box! The Stranger Things Collector’s Box comes packed with 7 EXCLUSIVE items including a light up tote bag, D20 coin bank, Hawkins Police socks, comic book with exclusive Tomm Cocker variant cover, a mystery vinyl figurine, and more!

The Collector’s Box includes:

  • Light Up Tote Bag
  • D20 Coin Bank
  • Hawkins Police Socks
  • Waffle Coasters
  • Sticker Sheet
  • Stranger Things #1 (Tomm Coker Variant Cover)
  • Mystery Vinyl Figurine
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You can pre-order the Stranger Things Collectors Box over at the GameStop website now, with a scheduled release of November 11th. Order them quickly, because with Season 3 hype just around the corner, these boxes might be gone faster than Nancy‘s memory of Barb in Season One (Too soon? Of course it’s too soon! All Barb jokes are too soon!). When you order, give us a shout out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. We’d love to see your favorite Stranger Things merch! For more Stranger Things coverage, and all your horror news in general, keep lurking at Nightmare on Film Street.