With Halloween upon us and as a new animated film has just hit theaters, it’s the perfect time to binge episodes of the original onscreen iteration of The Addams Family. Over the past few weeks, MGM has been quietly uploading full episodes of the original 1964-66 series on their official YouTube channel. While you can own the entire series for $20, you can also stream a bunch of episodes free right now — including the seasonally appropriate Halloween With the Addams Family.

The Addams Family premiered on ABC in September of 1964 and ran for two seasons. While the family was introduced to popular culture in 1938 via newspaper cartoon, it was the television series that cemented much of what modern fans associate with the macabre clan. Charles Addams gave us the visuals of the characters and the overarching, gothic satire of the nuclear family in his influential New Yorker cartoons, but the Addams Family series fleshed out the characters with personalities that lasted through their iterations in film and pop culture since. 


Along with the expanding on the familial dynamics of comic originals like Morticia and Gomez Addams (Carolyn Jones and John Astin), Wednesday (Lisa Looring), Pugsly (Ken Weatherwax), Uncle Fester (Jackie Coogan), and Lurch (Ted Cassidy), the series also introduced Cousin Itt (Felix Silla) and the iconic, snappy theme song, written and performed by Vic Mizzy.

While the new animated film has already proved someway forgettable, there is no doubt that fans will be revisiting the iconic 90s Addams Family films and dressing up as their favorite characters this Halloween. So the timing of these episode drops is altogether ooky (that’s a good thing, right?)


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