There are dozens of working parts that go into making a film. In certain genres, some elements stand out more than others. One key role in film is the editor, who I believe shines brightest in the realm of horror. Get Out is one of the best-made films of 2017, praised by audiences and critics alike. Though many gravitate towards the social themes and overall creepiness, it’s hard to ignore the fantastic production of Get Out. Jordan Peele created something special for horror fans this year, but he wasn’t alone. Peele’s team was filled with incredible talent, including veteran Blumhouse Editor Gregory Plotkin. In an interview with DEADLINE, Plotkin discusses the process of editing the film for maximum scares while maintaining the message of the film. One of the more interesting points of the interview was talking the film’s finale.

Jordan Peele shot multiple endings of the film, almost leaning on a more dower finish to the thriller. You can find the scene below and on the Blu-ray special features, but basically would have ended with Chris in jail for the murder of Rose. This ending would have cemented the social commentary of the film, but would have been left unsatisfied with Chris’ journey. Plotkin thought there was a chance to have it both ways:

If you choke her or you don’t, you’re still going to be caught, and you’re still going to be accused—that’s unfortunately the way our society works right now. That was the brilliance of the scene, and we never had to sacrifice that. We were able to sort of have our cake and eat it too, and keep all the poignant images, all the poignant themes.

Whatever ending we got wouldn’t have changed the brilliance of the film. Each ending shot was just another perspective to look at the events seen previously. But this reflects the tough calls film editors have to make when cutting a film. Editing can easily make or break a film, but I think it’s safe to say Plotkin played an important part in making Get Out the smash hit that it was. It would be amazing for him to get recognized for his work with Get Out carrying the torch for horror films into award season. Time for the spooky to bring home the gold!

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