Get ready XenoDorks! On this week’s episode of Nightmare on Film Street, Kim and Jon sit down to discuss Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant – the 6th(!) film in the Alien franchise. While traditionally remembered as horror, the alien films has spanned several genres, three leading ladies, and nearly four decades to bring us a new blood-splattered chapter.


How do you rank the Alien films? Where do you place Covenant on your best-to-worst rankings? Let us know on twitter @NOFSpodcast

What’s Keeping Us Creepy This Week: Twin Peaks returns after 25 years, and it is crazier than ever! ( Also, we finally sit down (after years of procrastinating) to binge NBC’s Hannibal…despite our dislike of television series (

Stay Creepy!


May 25, 2017


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