Ahead of the October 1st series premiere, Fan Expo Canada hosted an advanced screening of the upcoming series Ghosted. Starring Adam Scott and Craig Robinson (both of whom carry executive producing credits), Ghosted follows odd couple Leroy and Max after they are recruited by and a secret organization known as The Bureau Underground to investigate the disappearance of their most skilled secret agent.

When asked by the panel’s host about how he first became attached to the project, Robinson described a version of the script that sound much closer to Shaft than The X-Files.

It was like a bad ass black dude, with a bad ass afro, driving a bad ass car, and I was like, “I’m listening…”

Playing on both the buddy-cop genre and the sci-fi template, the chemistry between Robinson and Scott is what draws the most laughter in any given scene. The two worked together previously in 2015’s Hot Tub Time Machine 2, and have a developed a strong comedic juxtaposition between Scott’s true-believer genius, and Robinson’s hard-boiled skepticism. Every moment between Robinson and Scott on camera feels genuine, but not too precious that they can’t make a joke at the other’s expense. The two feel like best friends and in a very charming moment during the Q&A, Robinson FaceTimed his co-star Adam Scott so he wouldn’t miss out on the warm reception Ghosted had received from the crowd.



Though the show’s title will lead viewers to expect Scott and Robinson running around town bustin’ ghosts, Ghosted focuses more on UFOs, unexplained anomalies, and mishaps surrounding the Multiverse theory.  And while a fan may have pitched the multiverse as a secret writing tool for crossovers with shows like Brooklyn 99, Robinson did promise more run ins with the supernatural, a love interest, and a short 10-episode season.

Ghosted Premieres on Fox October 1st @ 8:30PM