Spiderwebs have been hung, light bulbs unscrewed, and costumes have been taken out of storage from under Wonder Mountain. Canada’s Wonderland’s Halloween Haunt has officially begun, and will run evenings every weekend this October!

After the park closes it’s doors after regular hours, that’s when the fun begins… Fear rises when darkness falls as Canada’s Wonderland is transformed from a “theme park” into a “scream park” during Halloween Haunt. Experience the thrills of your favourite rides and the chills of 20 terrifying haunted attractions and shows. With over 700 ghastly monsters waiting to feed off your screams, there’s no place to hide during the Greater Toronto Area’s largest Halloween event. Whatever you fear is here during Halloween Haunt, select nights from September 30 through October 31, 2017.

Jon an I were able to attend on the Season’s Pass preview night, September 30th. It was a brisk night, so I spent most of it flexing my fingers in my sweater trying to keep them from going numb. Also, hiding from monsters. We always try to attend the Amusement Park several times in the summer, but this year the days we had chosen were so crowded we hadn’t been able to get on many rides. So, when we returned for Halloween Haunt, we took the opportunity to ride them all while everyone was waiting in lines for haunted houses. (Also, I’m a big wuss. So that was also a factor).

Though I’m not a Haunted maze/house attendee, here’s the low-down on this year’s big haunts:


canada's wonderland halloween haunt

‘The Ruins’ maze at Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt

Blackout (New for 2017!)

Humans have been digging for centuries, creating underground tunnels that should lead to somewhere. But within this pitch-black century-old passage below Canada’s Wonderland, it is said, there is only so far you can go.

Blood Shed

Beamer’s Meats, a staple of pork production in Hogtown history, supplied meat across the entire region for generations. Even as the industry changed, and cheaper slaughterhouses began to undercut them, Beamer’s found a way to slash prices and stay in business. It was only when investigators discovered why they had such a high employee turnover rate that the facility was finally shut down.  It seems that someone’s taste for meat has revived however, as new noises can be heard emerging from deep inside the building late at night and samples of meat are being left around town. Someone’s re-opening the Blood Shed, and they’re looking for new employees.

Club Blood – Re-VAMP

After years of disappearances and unfathomable rumours, the Club has been shut down; but that doesn’t mean the party’s over. Deep inside an abandoned meat packing warehouse on the edge of town, there’s a new secret all-night rave drawing party-goers from all over. It’ll be the hottest party of the year and you’ve got the password to get in, but the hardest part will be getting back out.


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Code Red

Restless souls are said to remain active inside this abandoned building. But of who, or rather, what? Once thought to be a military-grade facility, it was later discovered to have a secret hidden laboratory where chemical experiments went wrong. If you even make it to the hidden laboratory, grotesque test subjects, deranged as a result of these chemical experiments gone wrong, await you. They keep their surgical tables ready but do not clean up after their last victims. Watch out for the puddles of blood.


Old man Howell’s farm drew thousands each fall to visit his elaborate corn maze. Within the twisting aisles and dead-ends, families laughed and explored under the golden autumn sun, scarecrows watching over the activities from their perch between the corn rows. Every morning he would open the gates to waiting visitors, allowing them to wander his maze at their leisure; his only rule was to be out by dusk. Each year a trip to Howell’s corn maze became an anticipated and cherished tradition for the residents of the local town. That is, until some teens snuck in after dark.

Canada's Wonderland Halloween Haunt

“Forest of Fear” Maze at Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt

Forest of Fear (New for 2017!)

Night time descends quickly onto hikers, who have dared to walk through the forest, not knowing the narrow and winding path may not lead them to their destination before the sun completely disappears. Tall looming trees creak and sway as you try to navigate, but while you venture, the darker it becomes, until only a sliver of moonlight can be seen through the rustling branches in the Forest of Fear.

Sci-Fi House

By day, the Wilsons are the perfect family. They reside in a seemingly normal house, on a quiet cul-de-sac, in a little town where nothing ever happens. That is, until nightfall. Every night, when the streetlights blink on and the sun sinks behind the horizon, the Wilson house transforms from the inside out. Gone is the perfect house and its perfect family.  The house converts into a grotesque display of science fiction horror. Supernatural beings ooze from its pores, leaving the house crawling with deranged aliens and venomous creatures not of this world.

Spirit Manor

Beware of the cursed mansion set high on a hill, up a winding lane. Towering over all its visitors, the crumbling manor bears no resemblance the grand abode it once was. After a horrible tragedy occurred, the mansion became a haunting ground for terrifying spirits. Troubled ghosts, the victims of brutal murders, torment innocent souls who wander its halls. Everywhere you turn, demons lurk in the darkness, searching for their next victim. They drift through the moldy hallways, moaning and wailing about torturous thoughts. If you get caught in their grasp be warned, the murderous phantoms are always looking to add to their numbers.

The Ruins

Centuries ago, world-renowned archaeologist Dr. Carver gathered an adventurous team to uncover ruins that had not seen human contact in thousands of years. Shrouded in mystery, the expeditioners knew the dangers they faced, but had no idea just how deadly a mission they had embarked upon. To this day, no one knows exactly what they found when they entered those long-forgotten tombs, but legends of massacre and evil curses still remain. Some say Dr. Carver encountered devilish creatures lurking in the shadows, waiting for new victims to torture for all eternity.

Canada's Wonderland Halloween Haunt

“Trick or Treat” Scare Zone at Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt

In addition to the haunted mazes, themed Scare Zones have been set up throughout the park. Each Scare Zone has a unique theme, and a whole host of monsters to spook you while you navigate across. Scare zones this year are Bloody Buccaneers (New for 2017!) , CarnEvil, Ghostly Pines, The Graveyard, The Plague, and Trick or Treat.



And if being terrified by Scareactors isn’t your bag, Halloween Haunt boasts a a variety of chilling shows.

Devil’s Circus (New for 2017!)

Do you dare enter the devil’s domain? The Devil’s Circus has taken over with demons and freaks alike, displaying frightening and fiery feats of athleticism and acrobatics, and they are not taking pity on anyone. If you enter into these hot depths, you’ll never expect whose soul will be claimed next. Watch if you’re willing but don’t get too close to their fire, or you may go up in flames.

Dixieland Zombie Marching Band

Rising again each night of Halloween Haunt, these performers will lure you in with their bloody music. Watch your step or you might just become the next member of the band.

Sinner’s Lounge

Only certain freakish creatures can morph and contort their bodies in the most unfathomable ways. Join the frightful performance at the Sinner’s Lounge, where you will be entertained by feats of balance and athleticism that is rare to see. You will have no idea who will appear on the stage at a moment’s notice, leaving you stunned and reeling to understand what you just witnessed.

The Sentimentalists

We all have secrets. Do you really think that no one will find out what you are hiding? Watch the dramatic psychic power of these master mentalists as they read the minds of the most unsuspecting mortals. The deeper and darker the secret, the more likely you will become a victim of your own twisted thoughts. Don’t believe us? We dare you to come forward and have your mind read. No one can keep their secrets safe forever…

Canada's Wonderland Halloween Haunt

“Devil’s Circus” show at Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt


And, if all of those spooks are too much for you, all of the park’s Thrill Rides are open during the event. Though, riding a roller coaster in the dark is still pretty scary.

Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland runs Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays throughout October, 7pm to 12am. They’re also open on Halloween night. Tickets are available online.