This week, The X-Files returns to our TV sets with new adventures featuring the FBI’s premiere paranormal division (sorry Fringe). It’s exciting times for fans both new and old as we look forward to more adventures chasing UFOs, supernatural creatures, and genetic experiments gone awry, but there maybe dark clouds on the horizon. Though it took about 15 years to finally get Mulder and Scully back together again, it seems that the end is nigh for at least one half of this dynamic duo. Say goodbye, Mulder because it sounds like Scully is outta here.

In a recent interview with Gillian Anderson, the actress confirmed something she had hinted at during last fall’s New York Comic Con, that this is the end for her and The X-Files. “I was a bit surprised by people’s [shocked] reaction to my announcement,” Anderson told TV Guide (via TVLine), “because my understanding was that this was a single season.”


Technically, this is correct. The X-Files has yet to be renewed for another season, but given the success of its first rejuvenated season, it would not be unexpected if the show ended up getting a 12th season. The one thing that’s keeping the X-Files from humming full-time is the busy schedule of both Anderson and co-star David Duchovny.

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What about the old axiom, “Never say never”? Well, it’s worth noting that according to X-Files creator Chris Carter, season 11 will not be the end of The X-Files, at least in his estimation. “There are a lot more X-Files stories to tell,” he said to TV Guide in the same article, “Whether we get to tell them is a question mark.”

If there is a 12th season, and it does go on without Anderson, then it would be a first for the show. Anderson appeared as Special Agent Dana Scully in all nine original seasons of The X-Files, and in two big screen movies before returning to the part in 2016. Meanwhile, Duchovny left the series full-time at the end of season seven but made appearances in season eight and in the original series finale in 2002. So far, there’s been no indication that Duchovny won’t continue on with the show if it gets renewed.

The X-Files recommences Wednesday January 3 at 8 pm EST on Fox and CTV.